Good luck soldier


  1. Destroy all Weapon crates to open Rocket Battery.
  2. Destroy Rocket Battery.
  3. Find Commander to access path to maze.
  4. Final entrance to second maze opened by finding the hidden radio.
  5. Final goal find and kill the base commander(he’s well protected)

– The Jet packs are booby traped (you have been warned)

– Play as a team and have fun


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  • January 4, 2018 at 13:53
    Deleted this one. Noticed the message about Jet Packs being booby trapped, and we don't do missions where the flying rocket men come in endless waves.
  • February 10, 2018 at 20:57
    Despite my above comment, we got a team of four together and decided to bang our heads against the wall with this one. There's nothing new here, other than a nice tank loop which gave us an opportunity to set up ambushes with satchels, blow the lead tank, and then when the following tanks bump into it, they can't move, so we can AT-4 them at leisure. Unfortunately, like the Rocket men and the Helos, there is an endless number of them, so instead of taking out a problem, you have to ignore it, get past it and move on to the next problem, and then avoid that. There's a nasty bit right at the end where enemy soldiers spawn right next to you, which is just rather silly. Otherwise what can I say? Brilliant design, very clever technically, but ultimately more tedious than entertaining.

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