This is a stealth, silence and surprise mission for a small team, consisting of snipers and a demolition expert.
Recommended weapons are Walther 2000 Sniper Rifle and MP5 SMG Silenced.

1. You will take the Chinook from our Joint Ops forward base and fly to point Alpha in an old abandoned town. The Helo carries an armory so you can stock up in flight.

2. Leave the Helo, climb the Railroad Gantry and jump onto the next available train (There are six trains approximately one minute apart)

3. Ride the train until you reach the Airfield and jump off onto the Railroad sidings at the right-hand side. Advance and take point Bravo.

4. Approach the Airfield fence at the southeast corner where some wild bushes hide a break in the fence. This is your entry point.

5. Seek out the three Nuclear Devices and have the demolition expert lay satchel charges. (Remember: any satchels will remain if respawn occurs).

6. At some point we’re expecting an enemy Helo to land. Seize it, eliminate any opposition, and use it to exfil the airfield. Fly to a safe distance, and trigger the explosive charges.
Enjoy the fireworks display

7. Return to Joint Ops forward base in captured Helo, and Radio HQ with your mission debrief. (Host must sit in chair next to Radios).


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  • March 11, 2018 at 15:25
    Very nice builded and atmospheric Mission. I give it 5 of 5 Points for Single Player & 4 of 5 for Coop (-1 because for a Team it's a little too short/easy).
  • March 14, 2018 at 13:26
    Thanks. Yes, our Coop maps are made for a small team, because there are only three of us regularly. And we don't like them to be too long, because then there's no time for the real fun of the evening which is Deathmatch slaughter. The Bin Laden takedown map I made for ICE is just the same: you fly in, kill him, get out. Quick and efficient, just like the real thing.

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