This is a stealth, silence and surprise mission for a small team, consisting of snipers and a demolition expert.
Recommended weapons are Walther 2000 Sniper Rifle and MP5 SMG Silenced.

1. You will take the Chinook from our Joint Ops forward base and fly to point Alpha in an old abandoned town. The Helo carries an armory so you can stock up in flight.

2. Leave the Helo, climb the Railroad Gantry and jump onto the next available train (There are six trains approximately one minute apart)

3. Ride the train until you reach the Airfield and jump off onto the Railroad sidings at the right-hand side. Advance and take point Bravo.

4. Approach the Airfield fence at the southeast corner where some wild bushes hide a break in the fence. This is your entry point.

5. Seek out the three Nuclear Devices and have the demolition expert lay satchel charges. (Remember: any satchels will remain if respawn occurs).

6. At some point we’re expecting an enemy Helo to land. Seize it, eliminate any opposition, and use it to exfil the airfield. Fly to a safe distance, and trigger the explosive charges.
Enjoy the fireworks display

7. Return to Joint Ops forward base in captured Helo, and Radio HQ with your mission debrief. (Host must sit in chair next to Radios).


Play soundtrack score

Get a more immersive experience with these soundtracks score mixed for Advanced Warfare 2.
Move forward and backwards to find your type of soundtrack and have it playing in the background as you play through a map.


  1. The Throb
  2. Hummel Get's The Rockets (Film-SFX Version)
  3. Survivors
  4. Furniture
  5. Escape From The Fortress
  6. Preparation Montage
  7. Or I'll Light You Up!!
  8. Escaping The Burning House
  9. Davoe's Revenge
  10. Treadstone Assasins
  11. The Stakeout
  12. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  13. Moonlight Serenade
  14. Lerner Landing
  15. Battle In The Base
  16. The Rescue
  17. Minivan Chase
  18. Heroin Robbery
  19. Boss
  20. Greensmoke
  21. Track 10
  22. Final Drop
  23. Operation Dinner Out
  24. Hijack
  25. City Streets
  26. Home Invasion
  27. Sticker
  28. Boat Chase
  29. The Drop
  30. Fuel Pod
  31. Battle Against The M1 Tank
  32. Track 14
  33. This Isn't A Training Excercise
  34. The Shuttle Crashes
  35. Zavits Chase Part 1
  36. I Must Go
  37. The Takeover
  38. Porsche Boost
  39. Bio Techno
  40. Foot Chase
  41. Main Theme
  42. The Apartment
  43. All Hell Breaks Loose
  44. Escape From Prison
  45. Chute
  46. The Helicopter Crash
  47. Hotel Chase Part 2
  48. Tunnel Run
  49. The Second Breach
  50. Welcome To The Rock
  51. Skulls And Bones
  52. MIR
  53. To The Roof
  54. It's The Harrier!
  55. Entering Airport
  56. Spybreak!
  57. Bad English
  58. Alabama
  59. In Hanger
  60. Baby Stan
  61. Kill Me Now!
  62. Mano A Mano
  63. Dodging Bullets
  64. Where
  65. Escape From Embassy
  66. Training Montage
  67. X-71
  68. Carson City
  69. The Chase
  70. Chopper Chase Faceoff
  71. Greed
  72. AK-47 Scherzo
  73. Preparation
  74. Bim Bam Smash
  75. Roll Tide
  76. Plan C
  77. End Titles
  78. The Long Night
  79. Hans' Loft
  80. Password
  81. Mangro 01
  82. Track 06
  83. Rush Hour
  84. Battle Without Honor Or Humanity
  85. Too Many Notes
  86. Bootstrap's Bootstraps
  87. Call To Duty
  88. No Money
  89. My Big Black Assault Weapon
  90. Arrival At The National Archives
  91. Arsenal Is Going To Take Off!
  92. The Last Car
  93. The Chase
  94. At The Farmhouse
  95. Track 11
  96. Hate
  97. Chopper
  98. Conspiracy
  99. Duke Nukem Theme
  100. Hells Kitchen
  101. Theme Remix
  102. The Sinking Of The Arizona
  103. Crimson Tide
  104. Master Of Puppets
  105. Demon Warriors Final Kombat
  106. Deacon's Speech
  107. Angel Family
  108. Corrugation Rise
  109. Lock It Down
  110. Car Building
  111. Mass Winnings
  112. Jungle Trek
  113. The Craziest Mess I've Ever Seen
  114. Rainbow Six Lockdown Theme
  115. I'm Not Ready To Die
  116. Red Shirt
  117. Blow
  118. Beyond The Wasteland
  119. Cochise
  120. Prelude
  121. Jump
  122. Kamikaze Drivers
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Comments (2)

  • March 11, 2018 at 15:25
    Very nice builded and atmospheric Mission. I give it 5 of 5 Points for Single Player & 4 of 5 for Coop (-1 because for a Team it's a little too short/easy).
  • March 14, 2018 at 13:26
    Thanks. Yes, our Coop maps are made for a small team, because there are only three of us regularly. And we don't like them to be too long, because then there's no time for the real fun of the evening which is Deathmatch slaughter. The Bin Laden takedown map I made for ICE is just the same: you fly in, kill him, get out. Quick and efficient, just like the real thing.

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