Four years passed, you’re with old friends you have not seen since boot camp. You must reclaim an old allied’s base. That has been over run by weapon smugglers. The task will not be easy. Intel reports their heavily armed and well trained in war tactics. So stay sharp, and think before you act, or you, or a teammate may pay the price of failure.


1) Retake base
2) Search for and destroy all weapon crates on map they are not marked
3) Try taking out AA Guns. Optional!
4) Take out Drake. I think you know what to do…All you hear is static
5) Find Sams, Radars, Keep your eyes peeled. You just mite see a old friend, ect.



– Find S&D Targets Seven Outside Eight inside


  • Map made in 2005 By DarkCon
  • Please Note I’m Converting My maps to AW2

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