Just when you thought it was safe to play outside, Uncle Sam done it again.
This time you was told not to play nice. You and your buddys got trap in a small command post. And now you got to fight your way out. These recon missions seem to be going sour, You think to yourself. Then you shake the thought.


1) Ward off Attack
2) Fight way to Secret base
3) Destroy Sat Dishs on way
4) Find Keys and Secrets to Base. Oh you just mite need a sharp shooter
5) Find Sams, Radars, Keep your eyes peeled. You just mite see a old friend, ect.



– Hint: Look 4 and Match Light to find keypads.2) Work as a team
– Please Note: You cant kill Chopper, Pilot or Drake their going to get away no matter what.



  • Map made in 2005 By DarkCon
  • Please Note I’m Converting My maps to AW2

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