A Friend’s Reunion 1 IC only Now Converted to AW2 Mod, These maps
are the original of this IC Mod series I Made. So Enjoy and happy gamming.
Ok here we go! Your with old teammates and friends. Well say hi, now it time to get to work. Uncle Sam just put you all in a tough spot. Way up high as a LZ.
Hope your not afraid of hights. You must find a chopper that has Intell to a
secret base location. Beware it’s well guarded by Drake’s Elite Guard.
DarkCon Out……


1) Take a Leap of faith to gain access to PSP B.
2) Find the door or is their more!
3) Find SAT Link to take down Com Link. Kill all elite guard and S&D big guns.
4) Find that chopper and kill all Drake’s Elite Guards.


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