Training: Basic Controls / Armory

This mission covers basic player movement and game functionality. 
If you’re new to Joint Operations or First Person Shooters – this is a good place to learn the ropes. Even experiences players might learn a thing or tow.

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Weapons Training: AT-4 Rocket

Practice engaging enemy targets with the AT-4 Anti Tank Rocket. The AT-4 allows the individual soldier to destroy armored vehicles from a comfortable distance. Accept this mission to experience aiming and firing against an incoming convey.

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Weapons Training: Stinger

Practice enemy targets with FIM-92A Stinger Surface-to-Air Missile. The Stinger is exceptionally effective at destroying enemy aircraft. Here you must defend your base from attacking enemy helicopters. 

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Weapons Training: 60mm Mortar

Practice engaging a fixed target with the M2234 60mm Mortar. Mortars are the best way to supress or destroy targets when a line of sight weapon is impracival or unavailable. This mission requires eliminating a cluser of enemey defenses threatening our attack helicopters.

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Weapons Training: Sniper Rifles

Practice shooting and movement techniques essential to successful sniping. Engage enemy targets at various ranges, some nearly a kilometer away.

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Weapons Training: Satchel Charges

Use stealth insertion techniques to infiltrate an enemy compound and place explsive charges on a high value target. When you’ve put some distance between you and the charge, set it off.

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Weapons Training: Grenade Launcher

Use the M203 Grenade Launcher to even the odds while defending your position. Learn how to use the launcher’s elevation adjustments. 
Then go to the offensive and take the enemy’s bunker.

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Weapons Training: Machine gun

Sqaud and the Platoon Machine Guns bring extra firepower to smaller ground units. Learn how to place suppresive and covering fire with large fully-automatic weaponry. 
Practive your skills with these weapons and become a force multiplier for your team.

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Weapons Training: Javelin

This mission will give you an opportunity to get familiar with the Army’s Javelin missile system. The Javalin will cripple or destroy any ground vehicle with one shot, but is best employed from a good distance from the target.

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Training: Land Vehicles

In this mission you will get the hang of driving with, and gunning from, ground vehicles. An FAW is standing by. Hop in it to practice ground maneuvers and mounted weapons fire. After you load the FAV into the Chinook, deliver an AAV to a checkpoint at a local village. Nearby, a Stryker needs your gunning skills in order to fend off an organized enemy assalt on a friendly outpost. 

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