What is Deathmatch?

Deathmatch is a free-for-all where your objective is to kill as many opponents as possible.

How are points earned in Deathmatch?

Points are scored by killing opponents and are lost when you are killed. Bonus point are awarded for head shots, double kills and knife kills. Points will be awarded for the follow actions:
  • Enemy Kill: +5 (Player eliminates an opponent)
  • Double Kill Bonus: +10 (Player kills more than one opponent with the same round)
  • Headshot Kill Bonis: +5 (Player kills an opponent with a shot to the head)
  • Knife Kill Bonus: +1 (Player kills an opponent using a knife)

What are is some good advice on player Deathmatch?

Always watch your back and try not to wander into the open. In Deathmatch, you have no allies and everything that moves is a threat.  

When does a Deathmatch game end?

  1. When a player reaches the kill limit set by the server
  2. When the game timer expires

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