AW2 – Lumberyard XMAS

Destroy all crates,tanks, helos, a pc and the front gate radio to take the Lumberyard. Find their underground tunnel system and hack the main pc to get the nuke codes for FROSTY so he can disable and reset the codes so only we can use them…..

AW2 – Zombies Christmas

Find the notebook. Eliminate all weapon crates- Recover the laptop. Destroy communcation towers. Destroy Technicals. Eliminate Commander. Reach final waypoint

AW2 – Metal Christmas

Rescure civilians and eliminate the enemy. Retaking Territory!
Kill 90% of all enemies

AW2 – A Cooties XMAS

Infil at 0500hr. Your mission is to ascertain how close the enemies Nuclear capabilities are to completion. 24 hours ago we aquired some disturbing news and we need confirmation. Break into the facilty and recon the area for a possible threat allocation…  
Be advised that  the area is protected by a large base well to the North, should the shit hit the fan expect the enemy to reinforce quickly…

AW2 – XMAS Package

Insertion is deep behind enemy lines, there will be no option to reinforce. Infiltrate the enemies Rocket Testing Facility and search for their LAUNCH CODES.
Merry Xmas trooper, good Luck and come home safe with a mission success.

AW2 – Psycho

The mission is simple. Follow the goals on the G key.

AW2 – Operation Recovery

United States Special Forces sent in you guys to uncover documents pertaining to the where about American Prisoners location. Your mission will also involve other operations that’s equally vital to this mission success see below:

AW2 – AA – Misison Shutdown

Mission is simple. Follow onscreen instructions.

Evil Bob Mappack 1 (15 maps)

This mappack is by Evil-Bob consisting of 15 maps for AW2.
Thanks a lot to Tof-Oldie for making screenshots and to everyone who has contributed.


Really Epic! Love that mod! It’s Escalation DFX and TR blended toghether plus extra missions and goodies!

Raicho20 Raicho20

Damned nice mod!

blueeyesm2k4 blueeyesm2k4

The AW2 mod has breathed new life into playing JO

Rick Ramo Rick Ramo

What JO could’ve been!

joshua12345676 joshua12345676