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    • Tanya Participant
      March 9, 2023 at 01:35 #4288

      One thing I always say, if something is good, say it well, but if something is not good why hide it and not tell the truth.

      If anyone here has played Delta Force Task Force Dagger, they know very well that it was a game with exceptional buildings.
      There were a variety of tunnels that I even enjoyed walking through, and also building them in the map editor.
      Because he showed you exactly the connection entrance of all the rooms, there was no way to make a mistake, it was perfect.

      Now who designed the tunnels and oil platforms of this Mod AW2 only those who did the project really have the idea of where the connection port is.

      I’ve never seen anything horrible in relation to tunnels like there is in this mod, you take the entrance to the tunnel named AW2: Kat Tunnel#1, Entrance, that square thing appears with no entry point, then in the ramp part of this entrance below there is a connection, but if you look at the editor, it doesn’t show anything, just the square graph of the drawing, and you wonder where the fucking connection is to connect the other part.
      You have to go into the game and see where the damn connection is to be able to go back to the editor and put it there.

      This is the worst mod that has ever been created for NovaLogic games, the weapons are terrible, the shots have nothing to do with a real gun, it seems that we are shooting with a toy gun, that’s the one flowy sound.
      They wanted to modernize the Mod so much that this thing was horrible in all aspects.

      For those who played Delta Force Xtreme 1 and 2 and used the OS Mod, they know very well how real and great it was to play…. now this here, needs an update in all aspects.

      We only see people inside the server rooms complaining all the time about the damn gameplay, if you fall from a 3 meter ladder you’re already hurt, that’s absurd, if you play sniper and need to destroy something and find a box from a c4 box you take it and when you use it, drop the damn C4 backpack you took, it is no longer with you, because you are a sniper and not a rifleman.

      The game JO:Typhoon Rising without mod is no longer good and with this Mod AW2 I don’t even know what else to say about it…. The only thing that was good in this game and in the mod was the initial construction of the video they made, and which has nothing to do with the game itself.

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