The Cartel have heard you were coming so have gone to great lengths to move their weapon cache,spreading over their secure compound as well they have some Missles that are strategic in their Defense. Goals: Locate and destroy all their weapon caches Find and destroy all missle launchers   Hints: - The Jet packs are [...]
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Infilitrate the enemy base,find your way to their hidden sub.Prepare to do battle! Goals: Destroy their weapons cache Fight your way to the sub then destroy it   Hints: - Gates open when you are observant(look for mounted radio) Important: - Play as a team and have fun .   Download Map Click on the [...]
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Destroy all enemy arms crates and find the remains of your commander Goals: Enter the compound Destroy all crates Enter tunnel system Find the bones of the commander Hint: - Tunnel system won't open until all crates destroyed     Download Map Click on the tag name below to filter all maps by the map [...]
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Survive the river Goals: Capture the spawn points Kill all resistance Make it to the chopper       Download Map Click on the tag name below to filter all maps by the map creator
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Astro Island Challenge. Three islands to play Goals: Find and destroy 60 weapon crates Find and assasinate the Commander   Hints: - Only once all crates are destroyed is access to the Commanders Building Granted - Find hidden radio for the securty door to come down Important: - All armories are self healing stations for the soldier [...]
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Good luck soldier Goals: Destroy all Weapon crates to open Rocket Battery. Destroy Rocket Battery. Find Commander to access path to maze. Final entrance to second maze opened by finding the hidden radio. Final goal find and kill the base commander(he's well protected) Hints: - The Jet packs are booby traped (you have been warned) [...]
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Infiltrate an enemy airport,find and kill the rebel commander Goals: Successfully infiltrate the airport complex Eliminate all opposition Find and kill rebel Commander Hints: - Take the spawn points - Find and destroy all targets - Work as a team, playing solo won't make it Important: - Once the Commander joins the battle you have [...]
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Hope you have a head for heights. The structure you are about to enter has many hidden traps. Goals: Get to the top of the tree Destroy all crates Hints: - Try not to look down - Running and gunning , you will die a lot - Slow and steady you will enjoy it more Important: [...]
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You have been inserted right into the rebels territory.This is their fuel supply canyon with their tank base situated at the end. Goals: Take out all defense tanks Destroy all fuell tanks Destroy tank headquarters (Warning: Well guarded) Hints: - Work as a team, one driving the other shooting Important: - Have fun !   [...]
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Take on the valley,destroy all weapon crates,find secret headquarters. Goals: Destroy all weapon crates Find secret headquarters Survive   Hints: - Work as a team Important: - Enjoy yourselves   Download Map Click on the tag name below to filter all maps by the map creator
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