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    • bloodhound Participant
      September 29, 2017 at 03:05 #2133

      I see no real instructions in any help guides on how to waypoints work in NILE version 1.6 here is what I have done so far.

      I have inserted waypoints on the map and insured that they are in numerical order for the way I want them to go.  (this is a looping waypoint)

      I have put them into the “South” Group because they are the south Waypoints.  As a note I also have the Vehicles and the AI Drivers also in the “South” Group.

      I now go to my waypoints tab and in the upper box I see “WPList Folder” with sub folders named WPList . have I done it correctly so far?

      there is nothing in the lower box, but I have checked the “loop” box

      and in here lies my problem, how do I get my “South” waypoints into the WPList folder, or into the sub folders? I think my event is correct but I will worry about that after I have the waypoint portion completed.

      there are no connectiong lines connecting my waypoints either. (like there is in MED)

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