Your mission: Hit the beach front with your men. Make your way towards Bravo point. Your men have each been assign several
tasks to preform. Your are to make your way inside the enemy headquarters. Once inside you’ll be given further orders at
certain points. You must follows these orders to advance further. Everything is mark clearly. All orders are given clearly.
Therefore you should’t have any problems completing your mission! Oh by the way I forgot to tell you, ah never mine you’ll
find out soon enough!

1. Goal1 Capture each flag
2. Goal2 Destroyed weapons crates
3. Goal3 Destroyed all enemy
4. Goal4 Destroyed radio equipment

– Hint1 Bkinking red light
– Hint2 Capt. HAWK1
– Hint3 Medics

– Note1 Special forces will draw firer for you!
– Note2 Be aware once your inside the enemy headquarters, the enemy is lurking every where!
– Note3 The enemy on the 50cal takes a couple of hits to kill them!

The medics heal you, one will follow you if injure the other might?

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  • September 2, 2017 at 11:46
    This map is very cool! At least it was until I activated check point C. I found I couldn't respawn there.

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